Los Angeles Fashion Week takes place each March (for fall collections) and October (for spring collections) in locations throughout the Los Angeles area. Various producers hold events during L.A. Fashion Week, including Style Fashion Week, Art Hearts Fashion, Project Ethos, Los Angeles Fashion Council, CONCEPT, and Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Fashion Week started in the middle of the 20th century with “press week” and the invitation of fashion journalists to see collections from, and in, Southern California.

Since the late 1990s, Los Angeles Fashion Week has been represented and coordinated by a loose consortium of L.A. fashion designers, journalists, and marketers interested in its success. Among the longest running Fashion Week exhibitions since that time was Gen Art, which last showed in Los Angeles in 2010.

LA Fashion Week is known for the diversity of its various productions. Other platforms during LA Fashion Week include CONCEPT, Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles, Project Ethos, The Los Angeles Fashion Council, Art Hearts Fashion and Men’s Fashion Week.