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FURALL means “for all” Furalle as a company is all-encompassing


We aim at making the world accessible to you through Intriguing experiences. As a firm we’ve got more to offer that goes beyond just managing your travel plans.


To provide exceptional travel management services to our clients, ensuring that every aspect of their business or leisure travel is seamless, stress-free, and cost-effective. We strive to be the trusted partner of choice for all our clients, offering personalized service, expert knowledge, using latest technology to help them plan and book their travels with confidence. Our ultimate goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients and create an unparalleled travel experience for them.


To be the leading provider of valuable travel management services, recognized for our exceptional customer service, innovative technology, and commitment to sustainability. We envision a world where travel is accessible and affordable for everyone, to explore new destinations and cultures with ease and confidence. Through our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement, we aim to revolutionize the way people experience travel and create a positive impact on the communities we serve.


We deliver:


    We are out to add value to how we serve you, while you enjoy a smooth user experience with u


    The authenticity of our services is mind-blowing and is evident in the experienced and highly skilled team we’ve got who is always ready to deliver the effective service you need.


    Beyond attending to your needs, we bring you offers of great deals that intrigues you from time to time. We are researchers and explorers.

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Furalle Travel and Tours is Africa’s leading, full-service online travel company. At Furalle Travel and Tours, we understand that everyone likes easy and affordable travel services, so we provide our customers with a one-stop booking portal for Affordable Flights, Hotels, Visa Assistance, Holiday Packages, Airport Transfers, a Loyalty program, and much more. Our portal gives customers the power of choice from a broad selection of top travel deals, and the ability to research, plan and book their domestic and international travel from the comfort of their homes and everywhere they are. We also have an interactive Call Centre and physical travel centres numbering 32 and counting across Nigeria, with a dedicated travel centre strategically located at international airports for customers’ convenience. We have offices in Ghana, Dubai, UK and Kenya with aggressive plans to expand into several African countries and the rest of the world. Our strategic relationships with Travel Partners ensure we offer the best travel deals to our customers, every time.

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